Kosmik Vortex Biography

This is a progressive rock band going back and forth from huge rocking riffs to “vortex”, kind of bridges that take from one musical universe to another.

Guitarist SebLee DoubleSix and classical singer Julie Delétoile are the two founders of the band and are partners in life as they are in music.

The band is born in Berlin in 2010 first as a duo guitar/voice with samples and then, they decide to transform the project into a rock band.

When back to France, in Tours city, they meet the musicians to get the band ready to play. Then they met the drummer Dominique Chanteloup which joins the band in early October 2011 and the bassist Nico Baïa in december 2013.

The band records its first album « Opening the limits » in April 2012. Subsequently, the album is mastered in Brussels by sound engineer Alan Ward (Within Temptation, Black Sabbath…) at Electric-city studio.

This album is released on 31 october 2012.

Kosmik Vortex starts to play Live in 2015 and plays at open band for Ange in december 2016.

Kosmik Vortex music is rooted at the edge of rock, blues, metal, psychedelism, and opera.

This could let you think about Nina hagen, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Klaus Nomi, Pink Floyd, Magma, Sonic Youth, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Tool.

The Alchemy of the Kosmik Vortex music is exploding with big guitar riffs,powerfull and mystic voice lines, rhythmics of steel,voice and destroy guitar solos ,strewed with echoes and feed back effects.

Be prepared to an atypical trip !