Kosmik Vortex records the first album "Opening the limits" in April 2012..

Subsequently, the album is mastered in Brussels by the sound engineer Alan Ward (Within Temptation, Black Sabbath...) at the "Electric-city" studio.

In 43 minutes, this studio live recording offers us to dive deeply through several universes that won't let you indifferent.

Each music piece from the seven tracks of this album represents an aspect of a same musical vision.

Neither track in this album sounds like the other but the trip will be powerfull for all the people coming on board of the ship

Kosmik Vortex

The album track by track

1-Coldness :

The anxiety of a new-dead person who is stuck in a world between life and death. Some neo-rock in Kosmikovortexian style.

2-Black Laces :

A metallic saga about the gothic movement and that ends with an epic ride!

3-Rêverie :

A kind of tribute to Link Wray and Debussy,and an invitation to dreams sailing between French classic melody and a guitar amp speaker slashed with a razor.

4-Urban Legend :

Myths in the towns nowadays.Some rock in classical form with good Kosmik Vortex taste.

5-Der Drachen ist wach :

A psychedelic vortex telling us about curious and unadvised people entering in the cave of a huge dragon Wagner fan awakened by some crazy mad valkyries. Syd Barrett has put some Tannhäuser in his guitar.

6-The Road :

A long walk through the way going to the Awakening. Some modern blues "in your face".

7-Rain on the Road :

A summer rain rebounding on the asphalt under the heat while a voice whispers in our ears. The peace after the storm.